Santiago de Chile… A modern metropolis at the Andes’ feet

Neoclassical architecture, art deco, neo-gothic, brand new skyscrapers… Santiago’s cityscape is shaped by several styles, surrounded by many hills (cerros) and the spectacular view of the Andes chain (visible from several parts of the city).

I found Santiago very polyvalent: you can find either big avenues that remind any big North American city, streets in which you want to escape fast, bohemian neighborhoods, fast food chains and local artisans.

We live in a very good area of Santiago, called Las Condes (el golf).


As always, here my list of to dos🙂

What to visit:

– Plaza de las Armas and the cathedral
– Palacio de la Moneda
– Palacio de Bellas Artes
– Lastarria neighborhood
– Cerro Santa Lucia
– Cerro San Cristobal
– Pablo Neruda’s house-museum

Some people can suggest to go to the Central Market, but personally that visit didn’t like me at all (mainly because of the fish smell)… So up to you🙂


Food is nothing special to be honest but eventually you can find good places to eat as well.
I recommend the area of Bellavista where you can find many places to eat and drink, for example Como agua para chocolate
My favourite restaurant is Osaka, Isidora Goyenechea 3000…












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